Magazin 02/2015

»True« and »False« Evolutionism

Bergson’s Critique of Spencer, Darwin & Co. and Its Relevance for Plessner (and Us)

Plessner’s particular way of thinking about human beings within the realm of organic life cannot be adequately discussed without reference to Henri Bergson’s philosophy of biology, nor without reference to Plessner’s critique of Bergson. Bergson seems, at first glance, far more interested in evolutionary biological thinking than Plessner, although upon closer inspection, one can make the case that it is in fact also a crucial issue for Plessner. This paper seeks to analyze Bergson’s subtle dispute with the evolutionary theories of his contemporaries. Zum vollständigen Artikel (pdf).

Aus: Heike Delitz

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 05.01.2015
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